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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sadie Lune - Biological Clock Exhibition

Fri Aug 5th, 2011
Sadie Lune joined us at The Fab Lab for a multimedia exploration of relationships with time, queer fertility, and community conception. 

...Biological Clock is an installation and archive or artifacts from this series which culminated in a one-night queer feminist-whore insemination gangbang ritual performance in late April 2011. The premise: that with ritualistic intention and planning a sacred scenario is created specifically to foster conception and pregnancy on the potential mother’s own terms.

With work by Mad Kate, Marit Ostberg, and Kay Garnellen

Find out more about the project:​/biological-clock

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This was also the debut of the "Clothing Swap" at The Fab Lab.

Above photos by
Sara Svärtan Persson

Below photos by Cindy Wonderful

Sat Aug 6th 2011
Sadie Lunes gives presentation to explain...

"Why would I try to make a baby in front of 70 people and call it art?
Come with your questions for a brief presentation on this 2 year project and the final public conception ritual which happened in April in San Francisco"

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