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Saturday, December 4, 2010

NEONDERTHALL : contemporary erotic cave paintings by Sophie Iremonger

Friday Oct 1st 2010

Contemporary Erotic Cave paintings. Sophie Iremonger delivers a vacuum of sterile interior design invaded by ancient regime of venerated mega-fauna. Beastly nostalgia of small-jawed Homo to return to state of mighty Erectus. Imprisoned by lipsticks we long for a fantasy of the natural life. The smash-up between exterior and interior- a series of homo-erotic windows, glass shattering between inside and outside, wild and tame. Within these works she presents a synthesis between the neon of our present and the weight of our animal past- an inchoate new neon wilderness where man/beast collide in an endless power-play. By the end of painting this series of works, she found out the answer to an interesting question that had wanted answering:

Just how different am I from cave man?

And the answer, to her dismay, was VERY. The way I see these animals comes with a 21st century baggage-it is impossible to paint like those ancient men of Lascaux , though I am homo sapien too. And we are homo sapien too.

Find Out more about Sophie Iremonger here.

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