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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tonight at THE FAB LAB we screened SHOW GIRLS.  It was the world's longest and maybe even funniest movie screening of my life.

Plauged with one technical difficulty after another, I felt like I had really accomplished something after it was done.

To start, the DVD of show girls that we were supposed to screen, was missing in action due to the fact that Romain recently had to rapidly relocate (this is a whole 'nother story).  So whatever.... the show, or in this case, the Showgirls must go on!!!!! Ok so we find a link to it online, it looks ok so we figure, all right, this will do.

So we are watching the movie, eating popcorn (I forgot to mention, Sarah made enough popcorn to feed an army, and though there was only, at the high point, 11 of us at the screening, we DID manage to eat it all) anyways, we are watching it and eating popcorn and somewhere around 1/3 into the movie the sound gets really funky, it sounds like its going through a phazer at times, and at other times it literally sounds like dogs are barking in the background. Whatever. We keep going.

At some point, the lipsync goes totally OFF. So we take a bathroom  break, and find another link, we talk, drink, whatever, get settled back in THEN the projector shuts off, and there is no coming back. Seems that I burned out the U.S.-European converter having it plugged in for so long. By this point we are half way through the movie, and there is NO turning back.

I should also mention that my projector isn't what you might call Top of The Line. No. It was 70 dollars new. Focus and detail  are not its strength.

ANYWAYS..... we have come so far so we are GONNA FINISH IT!!!! So we end up  watching it on the laptop. There is only like 8 of us at this point, so we move the laptop infront of everyone, but its too quiet cuz now the cord is too short to go through the stereo, so we move it again and we move the chairs and matts and pillows to the other side of the room so the cord can reach the stereo speakers, we are ready once more for the action of showgirls, not 5 minutes later does "YOU HAVE WATCHED 72 MINUTES OF MEGA VIDEO" appear on the screen. It says we must wait 30 minutes or pay to continue the movie.

ARGHHHHH, so I just refreshed and then we only had to wait 3 minutes. That was cool,  some people took a smoke break, and after that.... we watched the dramatic conclusion of showgirls with out incident. It was a real bonding experience in a way.
We were all in it together. Some of us didn't make it, but the ones who did, we were real survivors. It was beautiful.

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