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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve with DJ Duo TEAM STEEG

Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011.
By far this was my favorite new years ever. If the party was any indication of how the year is gonna go, its gonna be a good one!

DJ duo Team Steeg helped bring in the new year with a fresh blend of rock, post punk, and which house, and despite repeated technical difficulties, they could not be stopped !!!!

What was supposed to be a pre new years eve party from 7-10, ended up lasting till well after midnight!
It was too fun to end so soon. 

We lived it up! No doubt.

The facinating Mary Ocher, making an appearance before her DJ gig at Supersonic.

These modelesque figures may have you thinking we are in Sweden. NOPE its new years at THE FAB LAB.

Candles and my new fiber optic light. (awesome Christmas present from dear mom and dad)

Well well well.

Fun Times !

Sarah Adorable is Lisa's Biggest fan. dancing up a storm before leaving us for her Dj gig at Barbie Dienhoff's.

Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy.

She just taught me to use a piece of paper towl over my flash. Lovely effect huh?

Big trouble with little glitter gun!

Focus. Hocus. Pocus. DJ Magic.

Hello there!

Badkat and Ari sitting in a tree....

BadKat scoping out her options.

Wild and Crazy Canadians.



2011 HERE WE COME!!!!

Outside The Fab Lab, I am convienced we had the best view of fireworks.


Even More Pictures up now on our facebook page.