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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Fri Jan14th 2010
Mind Gardens, Mutations and R/Evolutions
an exhibition by Antochrist Ono and Moon-Age. 

It was an honor for THE FAB LAB to present Anto and Moon's début Berlin show consisting of paintings, photography and installation.

Mind gardens- feed your head, water your mind garden
Mutations- mutating mind states- altered and higher states of consciousness, transmutations.
Imaginative interpretations of the mutant creatures that inhabit the natural environment after 1000’s years of being raped by the human species, the next ice age, nuclear war, extra terrestrial invasion etc
R/evolutions- chaos, impermanence, evolution, revolution

Usually I don't post so many pictures , but for this exhibition we had a guest photographer Sara Svartan Persson.  I thought she did a wonderful job capturing the event, so I just had to share.

For even more photos check out THE FAB LAB on facebook.

This is Anto's work.

This is Moon-Age's work.

Happy faces in attendance.

Not only was THE FAB LAB thrilled to have such fantastic artists exhibiting, but also too have amazing artists in attendance.

Here is Jose Vigers .
He was part of the very first exhibition at The Fab Lab called BabeTown.

Here is Electrosexual, producer and DJ extrodinaire.

And Kritzkom. Graphic Designer, Minimal producer, and DJ. ( she also was the first person to perform live at The Fab Lab)

 Sarah Adorable, not here in body, but in spirit.

Have you ever seen people more happy at an art exhibition?

Friendly new faces.

Mary Ocher with out the baby cheeses.
View pictures from her performance at THE FAB LAB here.

Fashion desinger Lisa Steegmann and german hip hop producer/ rapper CBA.

The Panda Kids

Oh and I think that is Sophie Iremonger I see there. See her Neonderthall exhibition at THE FAB LAB here.

And I hope you all know me already from
Scream Club, Crunks Not Dead Records and my DJ stuff , but if we are meeting for the first time at The Fab Lab or right here ...  please check out my links.

Here is Mad Kate, you may know her as a performance artist, movie star, rock star, party promoter  or wild dancer . There is not much she doesn't do, find out more about her at Kamikaze Queens   or Too Much Pussy 
or Bonepart.

There was alot of new faces, so if you see yourself here and you have a link that you would like me to include, please email me at

Thanks everyone for coming and having fun and making it such a special event.

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